Friday, January 23, 2015

headshots of a young black actor in dc

headshot of a black actor in washington dc wearing a dark t-shirt standing
headshot of a black actor in suit and tie smiling
headshot of a black actor in washington dc wearing a suit and tie
altorro is a young man who wanted updated actor's headshots as well as pictures for his business. he was going for a formal look for his professional shots, a business casual as well as a more sporty look. since I was shooting headshots for a black actor , I tried to use lighting for drama. we started with the unshaven look with a jacket and unbuttoned shirt, then another series with dark t-shirt and blue jeans. we then paused for him to shave, wear a suit and tie for the more businsess look. between the wardrobe changes I adjusted my lighting to reveal more of his character. I saw a lot of potential in him and could see a promising movie career. his credentials included being featured on roles on some independent films in the district and is listed on the internet movie database (imdb). having some likeness to denzel washington may also be his opportunity for a big break to stardom. click to see more examples of headshots


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